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Test history and certificates
To obtain a list of the tests you have completed for a certification period: Click here and enter your bar number and password, and click "View your test history" or Email customer service for a printed list of your completed CLE tests.

Earn one hour of MCLE credit by reading the article and answering the questions that follow for $35. You will receive the correct answers with explanations and an MCLE certificate upon completion of test.

Payments can be made by major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) online. You may also print a copy of the test (see "print test for mailing" link) and mail in your answers with a check.

California State Bar website
The State Bar of California's website has detailed information about CLE requirements.

Daily Journal Certification
The Daily Journal Corporation is a State Bar of California approved continuing legal education provider. The self-study activity qualifies for Minimum Continuing Legal Education credit in the amount of one hour. The Daily Journal Corporation certifies that this activity conforms to the standards for approved education activities prescribed by the rules and regulations of the State Bar of California.

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