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Weekly Appellate Report Podcast
Wen Fa (Pacific Legal Foundation) contends carve outs in a California labor statute violate the U.S. Constitution's bill of attainder clause by targeting agriculture giants Gerawan and Fowler Packing; Myron Moskovitz (Moskovitz Appellate Team) on the benefits of taking a generalist's approach in specialized appeals

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Top Boutiques 2016

The Daily Journal held a cocktail party on Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2016 at the Peninsula Beverly Hills for the third annual Top Boutiques supplement honoring 20 boutique firms in California.


Judicial Profile

Jamoa Moberly
Superior Court Judge
Orange County (Santa Ana)
DECEMBER 5, 2016

Corporate Counsel

Norman M. Brothers Jr.
Chief Legal Officer
United Parcel Service Inc. (Atlanta)
DECEMBER 1, 2016