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April 2017

This week the show is honored to welcome a long-time mainstay of the California appellate courts, Justice Arthur Gilbert, who heads the 6th Division of the 2nd Appellate District in Ventura.

Justice Gilbert has served the people of California for more than 40 years as a jurist, beginning in the mid-1970s when he pioneered innovative practices in his first post on the Los Angeles municipal traffic court bench. Those innovations included ensuring non-English speakers could understand their citations, and allowable more flexible times for payment drop-offs.

Justice Gilbert has since maintained a service-focused, genial demeanor throughout his judicial tenure, and has shared insights about it for almost 30 years in monthly Daily Journal columns reliably suffused with his characteristic good humor and bonhomie.

Justice Gilbert joins the podcast this week to share some of those insights, opine on the current state of the judiciary, and guide attorneys on best appellate practices.

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