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Modification: People v. Franco
Since defendant provided substantial evidence of 37 years of law-abiding behavior, defendant was entitled to be removed from sex offender registry despite his underlying sex crime's atrocity.
Criminal Law and Procedure 2DCA/2 Feb. 26, 2024
Modification: City of Norwalk v. City of Cerritos
City was immune from liability for public nuisance caused by the necessary consequences of the statutorily authorized adoption of an ordinance that prohibited certain trucks from using its streets.
Immunity 2DCA/2 Feb. 26, 2024
Modification: Riddick v. City of Malibu
Trial court's order directing the City of Malibu to process proposed accessory dwelling unit as exempt from coastal development permit requirements was affirmed.
Real Property 2DCA/5 Feb. 26, 2024
Modification: Shalghoun v. North Los Angeles County Regional Center, Inc.
Regional center had no duty to protect employees of a residential facility that accepted a developmentally disabled person as a resident, despite facility's request that regional center relocate the resident.
Torts 2DCA/2 Feb. 26, 2024
In re Samantha F.
Duty of inquiry about child's possible Native American ancestry extended to all available family members regardless of how child was removed from custody.
Dependency 4DCA/2 Feb. 26, 2024
People v. Ferenz
Defendant could not replace appointed counsel because she provided adequate representation considering the evidence and charges.
Attorneys 6DCA Feb. 23, 2024
Transamerica Life Insurance Co. v. Arutyunyan
District court did not abuse its discretion in entering a default judgment as a sanction for defendants' repeated violations of court orders.
Civil Procedure 9th Feb. 23, 2024
Teter v. Lopez
9th Feb. 23, 2024
People v. Clark
Proving a "pattern of criminal gang activity" following Assembly Bill 333's amendments requires a nexus between the two predicate offenses to a gang as an organized, collective enterprise.
Criminal Law and Procedure CASC Feb. 23, 2024
People v. Hall
Because defendant's actions after fleeing from mental health diversion program met statutory definition of criminal conduct, trial court did not err in reinstating his criminal proceedings.
Criminal Law and Procedure 2DCA/1 Feb. 23, 2024
City of Lancaster v. Netflix, Inc.
Sustaining demurrer without leave to amend was appropriate where local government lacked a statutory cause of action for non-payment of video service provision franchise fees against non-franchise holders.
Utilities 2DCA/3 Feb. 23, 2024
Andrade v. Western Riverside Council of Governments
Plaintiff was entitled to attorney's fees under Civil Code Section 1717 because the Property Assessed Clean Energy assessment agreements could not limit the attorney's fee provisions to only foreclosure proceedings.
Contracts 4DCA/1 Feb. 22, 2024
Great Lakes Insurance SE v. Raiders Retreat Realty Co.
Choice-of-law provisions in maritime insurance contract was enforceable under federal maritime law because it was presumptively valid and there was no applicable exception.
Maritime Law USSC Feb. 22, 2024
McElrath v. Georgia
Verdict of "not guilty by reason of insanity" constituted an acquittal for double jeopardy purposes notwithstanding jury's inconsistent verdicts.
Criminal Law and Procedure USSC Feb. 22, 2024
East Bay Sanctuary Covenant v. Biden
9th Feb. 22, 2024
Modification: Baker v. Pacific Oaks Education Corp.
Plaintiffs contending childcare center exceeded licensing "capacity limitation" must show physical attendance rather than merely enrollment.
Education 2DCA/3 Feb. 22, 2024
People v. Garcia
Trial court's decision authorizing hospital to involuntarily administer antipsychotic medication to plaintiff was substantially supported by the evidence.
Criminal Law and Procedure 4DCA/1 Feb. 22, 2024
People v. Kim
Officers' false statements in police reports regarding hitting a fleeing suspect with their car were "material" since a reasonable person would deem them an important part of the reports.
Criminal Law and Procedure 2DCA/5 Feb. 21, 2024
People v. Yeager-Reiman
Because plaintiff's prosecution for defrauding veteran's program was not preempted by federal regulations, trial court had jurisdiction over his case.
Criminal Law and Procedure 2DCA/5 Feb. 21, 2024
Missouri Department of Corrections v. Finney
USSC Feb. 21, 2024
Coalition for TJ v. Fairfax County School Board
USSC Feb. 21, 2024
In re Bowe
USSC Feb. 21, 2024
74 Pinehurst LLC v. New York
USSC Feb. 21, 2024
Valley Hospital Medical Center, Inc. v. National Labor Relations Board
Ninth Circuit's remand order did not foreclose the National Labor Relations Board from changing its ruling and interpretation of the National Labor Relations Act.
Labor Law 9th Feb. 21, 2024
National Labor Relations Board v. Valley Health System LLC
Written assignments for union dues checkoff did not need to expressly state revocation opportunities to comply with the provisions of the Taft-Hartley Act.
Labor Law 9th Feb. 21, 2024
People v. Rouston
Defendant's conviction reversed where trial court committed prejudicial evidentiary error in allowing detective's opinion that was based on witness's testimony.
Criminal Law and Procedure 4DCA/1 Feb. 21, 2024
Marriage of Tara and Robert D.
Trial court's error in refusing to grant continuance after permitting attorney's withdrawal on eve of trial was not prejudicial where appellant's contentions were merely suggestive of disadvantage.
Civil Procedure 4DCA/1 Feb. 20, 2024
Hilltop Group, Inc. v. County of San Diego
Project was exempt from environmental impact report requirements where there was not substantial evidence supporting a finding that uniform policies and procedures would not mitigate the project's potential environmental effects.
Environmental Law 4DCA/1 Feb. 20, 2024
People v. Paul
Police officers' encounter with defendant was not consensual where they stood a few feet from each of his parked car's doors and shined two flashlights into the car simultaneously.
Constitutional Law 2DCA/5 Feb. 16, 2024
In re H.D.
Because under Welfare and Institutions Code Section 311 "probation officer" was analogous to "social worker," juvenile court had authority to issue restraining order against juvenile's mother.
Dependency 4DCA/1 Feb. 16, 2024