General Credit Categories
Participatory Credit
Special Credit Categories
The Interactive Process in Disability Accommodation   
Cooperative dialogue is the key to enabling disabled workers to remain productive—and for employers to avoid discrimination liability
(Special Credit -- Elimination of Bias)
A Level Playing Field   
The rules of professional conduct don’t just govern ethics—they also ban discrimination.
(Special Credit -- Elimination of Bias)
Disqualifying Judges   
California litigants are allowed to disqualify judges from presiding over their cases both as a matter of right or peremptorily and on a showing of cause, even though exercising such rights may be disruptive or abused.
(Special Credit -- Elimination of Bias)
Accommodating Tenants With Disabilities   
Become familiar with the fancy footwork involved in the dance of accomodating tenants with disabilities.
(Special Credit -- Elimination of Bias)