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Diversity in High Places   
Making diversity an enduring reality at the nation’s law firms requires determination as well as creativity.
(Special Credit -- Elimination of Bias)
Accomodating Lawyers with Disabilities   
A number of steps required by law and dictated by reason can help remove barriers for lawyers with disabilities.
(Special Credit -- Elimination of Bias)
Disqualifying Judges   
California litigants are allowed to disqualify judges from presiding over their cases both as a matter of right or peremptorily and on a showing of cause, even though exercising such rights may be disruptive or abused.
Gender Bias in the Law   
Though you might hope that gender bias would be less apt to develop in the legal world, it flourishes. Here's a look behind the enduring stereotypes that sustain it.
(Special Credit -- Elimination of Bias)
Diversity in the Legal Profession   
A look at the legalities and realities of campaigns for diversity in the legal profession.
(Special Credit -- Elimination of Bias)
Bias in Mediation and Arbitration   
There’s an ugly secret behind mediation and arbitration, long lauded as methods of resolving disputes neutrally: Bias grows and flourishes there.
(Special Credit -- Elimination of Bias)
Sexual Orientation Bias   
Eliminating sexual orientation bias in the legal profession.
(Special Credit -- Elimination of Bias)