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Weekly Appellate Report Podcast
William Meronek (Riverside Cnty. Pub. Def.) discusses Harris v. Sup. Ct.,' and why successful Prop 47 petitions shouldn't re-open prosecutions; Professor Richard Marcus (UC Hastings Law) chats Picasso, French remedies, and foreign law in the Ninth Circuit

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Top Boutiques 2016

The Daily Journal held a cocktail party on Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2016 at the Peninsula Beverly Hills for the third annual Top Boutiques supplement honoring 20 boutique firms in California.

Legal Ethics
Be civil, for clients' sake [MCLE]
In the middle of several heavily contested political campaigns, it is easy to find barbs directed from one political candidate toward another. Yet, it is not uncommon to see similar conduct among members of the bar. By David M. Majchrzak and Heather L. Rosing
Legal Ethics
Walking the thin zealous, ethical advocacy line [MCLE]
Although there are fine ethical lines between the competing responsibilities of zealous advocacy and dishonesty — fortunately, the State Bar's Standing Committee on Professional Responsibility and Conduct provides guidance. By Michele Trausch
Legal Ethics
High court weighs new prosecutor rules [MCLE]
The State Bar Board of Trustee's recently adopted the two of the California Rules Revision Commission's proposed amended California Rules of Professional Conduct. By Wendy Wen Yun Chang
Competence Issues (Addressing Substance Abuse and Physical/Mental Impairment)
Alternative Discipline Program can help attorney addicts [MCLE]
Recognizing the alarming rate of substance abuse among lawyers, the State Bar offers the Alternative Discipline Program — a chance to both obtain treatment for substance abuse and mental health issues, and save their law license. By Heather E. Abelson
Legal Ethics
Can an attorney be in two places at once? [MCLE]
The California lawyer who seeks to represent clients in another jurisdiction must thoroughly research the law in that jurisdiction to determine if the lawyer's actions are permissible there. By David Cameron Carr

Judicial Profile

Judge Julian Recana
Superior Court Judge
Los Angeles County (Compton)
OCTOBER 27, 2016

Corporate Counsel

Relani Belous
Senior Vice President/General Counsel
Penthouse Global Media Inc. (Chatsworth)
OCTOBER 27, 2016