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Howard Miller

Daily Journal podcast host
(effective March 2020)

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Podcast host Howard Miller interviews Micha Star Liberty, President of Consumer Attorneys of California, on current crisis in ...

Podcast host Howard Miller interviews Mark Rosenbaum on Chief Justice Robert's opinion and the Supreme Court judgment that sav...

Podcast host Howard Miller interviews Adam Murray of the Inner City Law Center on the dramatic need of legal services and poli...

Podcast host Howard Miller interviews Stephen Newman of Stroock about the impact on robocalls and jurisprudence of recent U.S....

Hear leading advocates and best arguments on both sides of BI Insurance in this week's podcast special.

Hear leading advocates and best arguments on both sides of BI Insurance in this week's podcast special.

Podcast host Howard Miller interviews UCLA Law Dean Jennifer Mnookin on current challenges in legal education, bar exam contro...

Law Practice, Judges and Judiciary

Podcast host Howard Miller interviews retired Chief U.S. District Judge Philip Pro on how courts and dispute resolution proced...

Podcast host Howard Miller interviews Daniel Garrie on the greater cybersecurity risk to everyone with the dramatic increase o...

The second of two podcasts. Podcast host Howard Miller interviews Emily Martin of the National Women's Law Center on the need ...

Education Law, Civil Rights

The first of two podcasts with contrasting views. Podcast host Howard Miller interviews Mark Hathaway and Jenna Parker on thei...

International Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution

Howard Miller interviews Daniel Kolkey, principal drafter of the California International Arbitration Act, on new opportunitie...

Legal Education, Law Practice

Podcast host Howard Miller talks with Brian Kabateck of Kabateck LLP about dramatic challenges to our profession.

Entertainment & Sports

Podcast host Howard Miller and Jeffrey Benz, a leading international Arbitrator and Mediator based in Los Angeles and London ...

In this 2nd hour Judge Rex Heeseman discusses third party liability coverage for coronavirus related issues.

The first of two podcasts with Rex Heeseman on insurance coronavirus issues. This one on Business Interruption Insurance. Seco...

State and federal regulation of cannabis, and critical difference in law and planning between THC and CBD.

Land Use, Environmental & Energy

Howard Miller, a thought leader in the California legal community for many decades, is the Daily Journal's new podcast host.


Still-pending regulations leave doubt as to what the new California Consumer Privacy Act means for covered businesses.


Will the new worker classification law withstand a phalanx of challenges?


A prelude to preemption?

Jan. 10, 2020

California's new law against mandatory employment arbitration is blocked for now; will it survive?

Government, California Supreme Court, Administrative/Regulatory

May SCOTUS re-think independent executive agencies altogether?

U.S. Supreme Court, Securities

Recent precedent and overuse may prompt limiting of common SEC remedy

U.S. Supreme Court, Criminal

The high court reviews Title VII and state no-aid-to-religion clauses this term


Does the Constitution mandate an insanity defense? Or a unanimous jury? When may juveniles be given life-without-parole senten...

U.S. Supreme Court, Securities

US Bank and Intel contest ERISA liability; insurers call de-appropriation of ACA funds a '$12 billion bait-and-switch'

U.S. Supreme Court, Immigration

The Courts considers DACA, stolen social security numbers in employment applications, and cross-border shootings.

Environmental & Energy

Can California's Clean Air Act-exempted vehicle emissions regime survive an EPA rule change?


How much will AB 392's new police-use-of-force standard impact charging decisions and civil liability?

Tax, Government

Just-signed SB 27 seeks income tax disclosures from next spring's presidential primary candidates. Will it stand?