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Labor/Employment, Government, Corporate, Administrative/Regulatory

New parental leave act is a step forward for rights of working families

Jan. 16, 2018
By Katherine Wutchiett, Mariko Yoshihara

The New Parent Leave Act expands access to 12 weeks of job-protected baby bonding leave to qualifying workers who work for emp...

Year in Review Column, Civil Litigation, Judges and Judiciary

New law is driving down motions

Jan. 12, 2018
By Richard L. Fruin Jr.

The Legislature enacted of Code of Civil Procedure Section 430.41 in 2016, and earlier this month a new set of changes took ef...


U.S. Supreme Court, Immigration, Government, Constitutional Law, 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals

Right to Vote v. Right to Purge

Jan. 19, 2018
By Anderson Francois, Robert Popper

As SCOTUS considers Ohio's program to notice and then purge inactive voters from the state's registry, opposing amici Robert P...



Experts discuss apportionment, patent eligibility, inter partes review, and the effects of 'T.C. Heartland.'


When you speak in public anywhere, you should assume that media are present and your comments are on the record.

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Partners Denis Moriarty and Kenneth Anderson found that many of the firm’s employees were already volunteering.

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From the Daily Journal

Nov. 8, 2017

Discipline Report

Discipline Report

Recent attorney disbarments, suspensions, probations, and public reprovals in California.

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Recent policy developments seek to ensure better energy storage and distribution in the years to come.

Law Office Management

A few simple steps can really advance your practice, not to mention elevate the overall impression clients have when they deal...

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