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Prosecutors are required to disclose compensation when victims testify

Jul. 22, 2024

A prosecutor has an obligation to disclose all substantia...

By Antonio R. Sarabia II

What California businesses need to know about the evolving AI legal framework

Jul. 18, 2024

With hundreds of AI-related bills pending at the federal ...

By John Brockland, Vassiliki Iliadis

CBRE v. Superior Court: A significant decision on the Privette doctrine

Jul. 16, 2024

The court’s ruling reinforces the strong protections affo...

By Bayan Salehi

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"She had a unique ability to connect with people," former Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O'Malley said.

Judges and Judiciary

Senior 9th U.S. Circuit Judge Mary M. Schroeder also paid tribute to the late Justice Sandra Day O'Connor.

Technology, Law Practice

LA County court closed because of ransomware attack

Jul. 23, 2024
By Antoine Abou-Diwan

As of Monday afternoon, it was unclear if normal court operations would resume Tuesday. Law firms have struggled to file new cases and communicate with the c...

Technology, Antitrust & Trade Reg.

Attorneys for Huawei Technologies say claims the conglomerate "intends to 'dominate the world' and 'illegally dominate the markets globally'" do not match re...


Civil Procedure, Alternative Dispute Resolution

The benefits of mediating HOA disputes

Jul. 22, 2024
By Robert M. Cohen , Lisa B. Morgan

In most cases, California homeowners' associations must resolve disputes under the Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development ...


A prosecutor has an obligation to disclose all substantial material evidence favorable to an accused, including evidence relat...

As a psychologist, I must navigate the meaning of my words carefully and understand each client’s unique experiences to provid...

Verdicts & Settlements

Misappropriation of Trade Secrets International Medical Devic... $18,316,132
Dangerous Condition of Public Property Tamalelagi Schwalger, et al... $12,000,000
Negligence Raul Baeza v. CR England, I... $5,500,000
Premises Liability Joseph D. Pearson v. Union ... $3,913,578
Premises Liability Natalie Tenaud, et al. v. S... $3,800,000
Premises Liability Mehdi Mohammadi v. CVS Phar... $2,450,000
Auto v. Auto Sandra Kay Anderson v. Harr... $2,360,000
Wage and Hour Jose Gonzalez, et al. v. Ro... $1,500,000
Wage and Hour Arlene Santos, on behalf of... $500,000
Auto v. Auto Juan Leon, et al. v. County... $450,000

On the Move

FordHarrison LLP

Jul. 19, 2024

David L. Cheng as Office Managing Partner in Los Angeles

Cheng has practiced employment law in California for almost 20 years, focusing on complex business disputes and wage and hour class and collective action cases brought under federal and state law. He co-leads the firm's Wage & Hour practice group and serves as editor for the Class and Collective Actions module of FordHarrison's Labor & Employment Law Sourcebook.

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Erik T. Johnson was recognized by the California Lawyers Association with a Labor and Employment Law Pro Bono Achievement Awar...

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CLAY Awards 2024

Jun. 26, 2024

The annual list highlighting some of the best lawyers and legal work in California over the past year.

Daily Appellate Report


Downey v. City of Riverside

Plaintiffs asserting bystander emotional distress claims are not required to show contemporaneous perception of the causal link between defendant's conduct and victim's injuries.

Criminal Law and Procedure

People v. Hernandez

Prosecution could not rescind plea agreement due to changes in sentence resulting from applications of ameliorative sentencing laws pursuant to the provisions of Penal Code Section 1172.5.

Criminal Law and Procedure

People v. Esquivias

Trial courts that grant habeas review are not obligated to revisit a defendant's entire sentence on review.


Dickson v. Mann

Law firm had no third-party claim on funds paid under flat fee arrangement despite a provision stating the money was earned on receipt because it had not yet provided any legal services.


AGK Sierra De Montserrat L.P. v. Comerica Bank

First-party litigation attorney fees are not covered by standard indemnity provisions as a general matter under California law unless it is explicitly stated otherwise in the contract.