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Alternative Dispute Resolution

The power of apology in mediation

Mar. 23, 2023
By Steven H. Kruis

Studies show that doctors who give apologies in serious medical malpractice claims pay less to settle their claims compared to...

Technology, Insurance

Insurance carriers have declined coverage on the basis of the Fraudulent Instructions Exclusion, presumably arguing that the r...

Government, Civil Rights

Government speech seems like a relatively simple doctrine, and yet its simplicity can be deceiving, especially in the context ...

Government, Criminal

The coming prosecution of Donald Trump

Mar. 17, 2023
By Paul N. McCloskey

The recently published report of the Jan. 6 committee includes sworn testimony that strongly supports a criminal prosecution o...

State Bar & Bar Associations, Criminal

State Bar admits it failed - badly

Mar. 17, 2023
By George Cardona, Hailyn J. Chen

We are speaking openly about the State Bar’s mistakes to underscore our deep commitment to being both transparent and accounta...


WATCH NOW: Gain insight into the current dramatic expansion of international arbitration in California. This knowledge is ess...

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Community News

Community News

Rocking for a Cause: Law Rocks Los Angeles sets the Bar High

Mar. 16, 2023
By Douglas Saunders Sr.

This event marked the beginning of the 12th Annual Law Rocks World Tour, with its next California battle scheduled for April 2...


Criminal defense attorneys need to know crimmigration law

Mar. 24, 2023

The Bar doesn’t recognize crimmigration as a specialist a...

By Georgina Gannon

When is a partial appeal bond sufficient?

Mar. 20, 2023

What happens if an insurance carrier is required to post...

By David M. Axelrad

Trauma-informed lawyering is our professional responsibility

Mar. 10, 2023

The neurobiology of trauma is an established science, des...

By Sarah Abraham, Brenda Star Adams

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