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Torts/Personal Injury,

Mar. 20, 2024

AI self-driving cars present a host of new legal issues

The approval of Google’s WAYMO self-driving taxis in Southern California raises legal issues involving safety, liability, and insurance coverage. Despite the potential benefits of AI-driven vehicles, legal rules and liability need to be developed, not only by government regulators, but also by the courts.

Mark A. Neubauer

Shareholder, Carlton Fields LLP

2000 Avenue of the Stars
Los Angeles , CA 90067


UCLA SOL; Los Angeles CA


What San Francisco stopped as too dangerous, Los Angeles has now leaped into.

Last week’s Public Utility Commission’s approval of Google’s WAYMO self-driving taxis in Southern California opens a Pandora’s Box of legal issues. San Francisco has already confronted the problems of self-driving cars in the collapse of GM’s Cruise program. GM’s Cruise experimental fleet of self-driving cabs came to a screeching halt this past October when a Cru...

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