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Mar. 27, 2024

Angry Los Angeles golfers should work on their long game

The City of Los Angeles can and should use the California Unfair Competition Law to sue the individuals or companies who resell tee times or abuse the system.

Erin Bernstein

Attorney, Bradley Bernstein Sands LLP

Phone: (510) 380-5801


Harvard Univ Law School; Cambridge MA

Erin is an Oakland-based attorney with Bradley Bernstein Sands LLP, a woman-owned litigation boutique, and specializes in municipal law, complex commercial litigation, and constitutional law.


Last week, five golfers filed suit against the City of Los Angeles, blaming the City for failing to prevent individuals from gaming the online system for booking tee times at municipal courses. The plaintiffs claim they cannot enjoy the benefits of the City’s membership system for booking tee times, and that the failure to prevent a black market in tee times is the City’s fault. But it’s not just golfers that should be mad—and even the golfers are misplacing their ire...

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