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Nov. 8, 2018

Q&A: Women Success Stories and Science-Based Strategies to Thrive in Law

A conversation with Cheryl D. Orr, partner at Drinker Biddle & Reath, who will moderate the "Women Success Stories" and "Science-Based Strategies to Thrive as a Leading Lawyer" panels at Women Leadership in Law on November 15.

Orr cheryl
Cheryl D. Orr, Partner, Drinker Biddle & Reath

Women Success Stories

8:30 am - 9:30 am

Getting your juris doctorate is just the beginning. Our panelists are inspiring examples of just how far you can go with a legal degree and how varied your options are. None of our panelists' paths were linear but all have been remarkably successful in arenas as diverse as academia, BigLaw, the courtroom, in-house, government and politics. Their discussion of their challenges and triumphs promises to be both educational and entertaining.


Barbara Babcock, Judge John Crown Professor of Law, Emerita, Stanford Law School

Evelyn Crane-Oliver, Senior Vice President, Secretary & General Counsel, Robert Half International Inc.

Deborah Chang, Panish Shea & Boyle

Susan E. Hollander, Partner, Venable LLP

Kathleen ("Katie") A. McGinty, Senior Vice President for the Oceans Program, Environmental Defense Fund

What do you expect to discuss during your panel?

This talented panel really encapsulates how far women can go with a law degree - whether in the courtroom, law firms, in-house, academia or the government. We will discuss the panelists' professional and personal successes, challenges along the way and advice they have for those who follow in their accomplished footsteps.

How will this discussion benefit practitioners?

We are so lucky to have such a diverse cross-section of panelists. Whatever the career path of the lawyers attending, there is something to learn from each. Barbara Babcock blazed the trail at Stanford and Stanford Law, as an renowned author and as assistant attorney general for the Civil Division in the Carter Administration. Deborah Chang has obtained some of the largest trial verdicts ever ordered in California and her magnanimous spirit infuses every interactions she has. Evelyn Crane-Oliver is both a Senior Vice President and General Counsel at Robert Half, International, an S&P 500 company and has literally climbed the corporate ladder to the top. Katie McGinty is presently the Senior Vice President, Oceans, at the Environmental Defense Fund and has a storied career in public service and politics. Susan Hollander is a prominent partner at the AmLaw 75 firm Venable LLP and epitomizes the corner office. Each will share their story and inspire others who share or are considering their chosen fields.

How will this panel discussion differ from other speaking events on this topic?

So often, women attorneys ask, "Can women have it all?" That depends on how you define "All" but these women are "All That." They will kick start the morning with their energetic spirits and tips for success.

Science-Based Strategies to Thrive...Not Just Survive as a Leading Lawyer

1:00 am - 12:00 pm

Research shows that many in the legal profession are actively suffering from substance use, depression, anxiety, burn-out; but what about the others? Are those lawyers really thriving or simply not suffering? Self-care is often equated with selfishness; and yet, leaders know that working at an optimal level requires self-care. The panelists will discuss how lawyers can use concrete, science-backed strategies to manage stress effectively, the research on optimizing performance through well-being, and how to start implementing this both for yourself and for your organization. Stop just surviving being a lawyer, learn to thrive as a leader. One hour of Competence MCLE credit will be available.


Anne Brafford, Founder, Aspire

Heather Holland, SVP Operations, CorePower Yoga

Courtney Wylie, Professional Development Coach, Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP

What do you expect to discuss during your panel?

We will discuss the current research surrounding mental health, alcohol, and substance use issues in the legal profession. Since it was published, there has been a nationwide response -- why? We'll talk about the factors that contributed to this cultural movement, how it affects lawyers at every level and in often undiscussed ways, and how it can be toxic to effective leadership. Understanding the potential causes and effects of stress in law is the first step to understanding how to reach an optimal level of business and performance. We will also discuss concrete strategies that can be used on both a personal and organizational level to improve happiness, satisfaction, and ultimately success as a lawyer and a leader.

How will this discussion benefit practitioners?

This discussion will help practitioners realize how failing to practice self-care and supporting the same in others can lead to lapses in moral and ethical judgments, decreased analytical thinking, decreased problem-solving, and an inability to provide the innovative solutions clients are looking for in today's world. It will also provide them with strategies for building self-care habits into their organizations and daily practice for better lawyering.

How will this panel discussion differ from other speaking events on this topic?

Not only does this panel present unique viewpoints from a top partner and in-house counsel, it will also include two experts in the fields of attorney well-being and members of the National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being. Additionally, the panel discussion will focus less on what the problems that led the profession to this point and more on the strategies for moving the legal world forward.

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