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Feb. 11, 2019

Q&A: Cyber Insurance - A Useful Tool in your Cybersecurity Arsenal and GDPR Update

A conversation with Sarah Bruno, Partner; Head of Privacy, Cybersecurity and Data Protection Group, Arent Fox, who will moderate the Cyberinsurance and GDPR Update panels at the Cybersecurity/Privacy Forum 2019, in Beverly Hills on February 26.

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Sarah Bruno, Partner and Head of Privacy, Cybersecurity and Data Protection Group at Arent Fox LLP

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Cyber Insurance - A Useful Tool in your Cybersecurity Arsenal

10:00 am - 11:00 am

Cyber insurance is still an emerging product in the insurance market since some insurers consider data breaches to be "intangible" causes not covered by their policies. As a backstop, cyber insurance can still be an important component of a company's Cybersecurity defense, and it is important to understand the potential claims as well as the limitations of these policies. This session will discuss the role of cyber insurance within a broader Cybersecurity corporate strategy and review what kind of coverage is available for cyber-related risks so businesses can understand and properly protect themselves against potential threats.


Linda Kornfeld, Partner, Blank Rome LLP
Rebecca Perry, Director of Professional Services, Jordan Lawrence
Judy Selby, Principal, Judy Selby Consulting

What do you expect to discuss during your panels?

The Cyber Insurance panel will work through hypothetical questions and look at data incidents and how insurance applies to these scenarios. The panelists will also discuss different types of insurance provisions, types of incidents that are covered, and how to submit claims.

How will this discussion benefit practitioners?

Practitioners will gain some practical tips from the Cyber Insurance panel, including how one can incorporate insurance into their broader cybersecurity strategy and understand the benefits and limitations of these policies.

GDPR Update - Where Do We Stand

1:50 pm - 2:50 pm
With the EU's General Data Protection Regulation in full swing, companies doing business with the EU have had to re-work their data governance designs and strategies, as well as develop internal and external policies to comply with the regulation. This panel will discuss more recent guidance from Europe on GDPR compliance, and provide advice and guidance on compliance with regulators related to DSAR requests. The panelists will also discuss the 72 hour breach notification rule and other hot topics tied to GDPR enforcement.


Nick Mitchell, Managing Attorney, Wizards of the Coast, Hasbro
Lourdes Turrecha, Senior Privacy Counsel, Palo Alto Networks
John Treviño, Counsel; Litigation, Privacy and Data Security, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP
Elvis Stumbergs, Counsel, Office of Privacy, Sprint

What do you expect to discuss during your panels?

The GDPR Update panel will examine the myths and realities in the last eight months following the GDPR, which took effect last May. We will review what we were concerned would likely happen and the actual practical implications that have risen as a result of this new regulation.

How will this discussion benefit practitioners?

Attendees at the GDPR Update panel will receive some insights into the future of GDPR as well as recent guidance from Europe on GDPR compliance.

How will your panel discussions differ from other speaking events on these topics?

The panels will weave in hypothetical scenarios and address a number of practical solutions in each situation. Attendees will gain different perspectives and learn practical approaches from the various panelists in each hypothetical situation that they might not otherwise see at other events on these topics.

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