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Oct. 19, 2022

Armond Wilson LLP

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Newport Beach & Austin / Litigation

From left: Joseph Li, Michelle E. Armond, Patrick G. Maloney and Amy Han

Michelle Armond and Doug Wilson met in Washington D.C. as young law clerks for U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Richard Linn and, after many years of successful careers in law, they reunited to form Armond Wilson LLP in Newport Beach and Austin. Texas.

Since its early 2019 launch. Armond Wilson has quickly expanded into a well­ established. reputable firm with a client roster spanning the country. The firm has overseen more than 50 IPRs at the Patent Office's Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB). twenty appeals at the Federal Circuit. and served as lead counsel at the U.S. Supreme Court.

"2022 is our most successful year yet," Armond said. "We've defeated both Google and Sony twice."

"What happens at the Patent Office has a significant impact on other pending litigations and at this point. the Patent Office is the busiest patent court in the nation. Most of the significant patent disputes are won or lost at the Patent Office," Armond said. 'There's two parts of the process. First. when you go to the Patent Office to get a patent. Then later anyone may challenge patent validity in an inter parties review and ask the Patent Office to look at the patent again and potentially the Patent Office will cancel the issued patent."

One of those instances involved the firm's early and decisive victory over Google in separate IPR and CBM processes opposing the client's patent on video streaming technologies. which led to a $26 million jury verdict for their client in a concurrent lawsuit. Google v. VideoShare. Nos. IPR2020-0l631 & CBM2020-00027 (PTAB Mar. 24 & Apr.7.2021).

Another of those matters resulted in an early dismissal with prejudice when the firm successfully defended consumer products conglomerate Spectrum Brands in a patent infringement dispute concerning electronic locks. Moxchange v. Spectrum Brands. No. 21-cv-1496 (D. Del. Apr. 20. 2022).

Together. they have successfully defended AMD. Weatherford International. Alpine Electronics. Purdue University. and Targus International in court. They have also successfully negotiated advantageous confidential settlements to resolve litigation before trial.

Wilson was previously a partner at the Houston law firm Hwim, Payne & Chorush, which specialized in high-stakes IP litigation. Wilson is a trailblazer at the Patent Office's Patent Trial and Appeal Board, having the distinction of successfully representing both petitioners and patent owners in dozens of victories at the PTAB, with these favorable outcomes resolving disputes and driving client victories in parallel high-stakes district court patent litigation cases.

Previously. Armond practiced at lrell & Manella in Newport Beach and was an IP litigation partner and Patent Office litigation practice group leader at Knobbe Martens in Irvine. She represents clients in a wide spectrum of contentious intellectual property cases involving patents. trademarks. and trade secrets. Armond's winning formula fuses her Caltech electrical engineering education with her natural talent for writing. Her practice covers a range of technologies. including electronics. software, mechanical. electro-mechanical. medical devices, and consumer goods.

All of the firm's attorneys are registered patent attorneys with degrees in science or engineering from prestigious universities. "This is the best decision that I've made professionally. Our goal when we started this firm was to build a powerhouse, nationally recognized IP boutique - and we did just that," Wilson said. "It's just been a phenomenal ride."


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