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Law Practice

Calamitous Conference

Oct. 5, 1999
By Arthur Gilbert

"I keep six honest serving men. They taught me all I knew; Their names are What and Why and When And How and Where and Who."

Law Practice

Seeing Red

Sep. 23, 1999
By David A. Lash

"In The Public Interest" By David A. Lash The "well regulated militia" of the Second Amendment obviously has nothing to do wit...


Standing on Ceremony

Sep. 10, 1999
By Mitchell Keiter

By Mitchell Keiter Gov. Gray Davis is currently deciding whether to extend "marital" (insurance, pension) benefits to unmarri...

Intellectual Property

In-Store for Movie Violations

Aug. 27, 1999
By Jerome M. Garchik

By Jerome M. Garchik When San Francisco visitors and shoppers tour the newly opened Sony Metreon "entertainment mall," they w...

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Speed Mediation

Aug. 26, 1999
By Franklin R. Garfield

Speed Mediation Many Couples Are Interested in a Product, Not a Process For an investment of 50 percent of the time, energy a...

International Law, Intellectual Property

Long Arm

Aug. 24, 1999
By Craig I Celniker, Charles S. Evendorff

Long Arm Suing for Foreign Infringement of U.S. Trademarks in U.S. Courts Beginning with 'Bulova,' U.S. courts have interprete...

Law Practice

Helping Hands

Aug. 20, 1999
By David A. Lash

^^In the Public Interest^^ By David A Lash The California Access to Justice Commission has estimated that the legal needs of ...

Constitutional Law

Immunization Booster

Aug. 18, 1999
By Erwin Chemerinsky

^^Constitutional Law^^ Immunization Booster Supreme Court Strikes a Blow for States' Rights Constitutional historians will re...

Judges and Judiciary

Under Submission

Aug. 3, 1999
By Arthur Gilbert

Please do not call me active. It is true I get up early in the morning. To be more accurate, I crawl out of bed and stumble on...

Law Practice

Pitching In

Jul. 22, 1999
By David A. Lash

^^In the Public Interest^^ By David A. Lash A generation of 20-somethings has been the target of some negative media portrayal...


By Rex Heeseman The plaintiffs' bar has eagerly embraced the Unfair Competition Act, Business and Professions Code Section 172...