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Orlando v. Superior Court (Martin)
An appeal of a multi-party arbitration award can be solely against one party.
Civil Procedure Oct. 22, 1998
Lynn v. McClain
Civil Procedure Oct. 20, 1998
Stouffer v. Stifel, Nicolaus & Company Inc.
Civil Procedure Oct. 16, 1998
Johnson v. Hathcock Truck Lines
Civil Procedure Oct. 15, 1998
Krueger v. Doe
Civil Procedure Oct. 15, 1998
Mehdipour v. The City of Oklahoma City
Civil Procedure Oct. 7, 1998
U.S. v. One Cashier's Check in the Amount of $312,227.95
Civil Procedure Sep. 30, 1998
State v. Marshall
DNA test results are accepted by the relevant scientific community and admissible.
Civil Procedure Sep. 25, 1998
Johnson v. Elson
Trial court doesn't abuse its discretion by setting aside dismissal where plaintiff's neglect was excusable.
Civil Procedure Sep. 25, 1998
Mitchell v. Maynard
Civil Procedure Sep. 23, 1998
Pflueger v. Effective Secretarial Services Inc.
Civil Procedure Sep. 23, 1998
Gschwind v. Cessna Aircraft Company
Civil Procedure Sep. 21, 1998
Williams v. Scott
Civil Procedure Sep. 15, 1998
Brown v. Shalala
Civil Procedure Sep. 15, 1998
Simpson v. Stjernholm
Trial court must declare mistrial where a juror indicates that she does not concur with the verdict.
Civil Procedure Sep. 3, 1998
Sharma v. Vigil
Trial court entitled to hold evidentiary hearing to determine merits of motion for new trial.
Civil Procedure Sep. 3, 1998
In re Grand Jury Proceedings
Corporate officer can try to show attorney-client privilege when communications deal with personal liability.
Civil Procedure Sep. 2, 1998
Habernehl v. Potter
Federal court sitting in diversity jurisdiction, must apply state statute of limitations period to suit.
Civil Procedure Aug. 27, 1998
Schwartz v. Arizona Primary Care Physicians
Arizona's savings statutes give a party an absolute right to refile a case, if it's dismissed for insufficiency of process.
Civil Procedure Aug. 26, 1998
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People v. Tucker
Civil Procedure Aug. 17, 1998
Anserv Insurance Services Inc. v. Albrecht (King)
Two volume, 425-page complaint violates rule requiring 'short and plain statement of case.'
Civil Procedure Aug. 5, 1998
Reliance Insurance Co. v. Mast Construction Co.
Restraining order enjoining use of bank accounts is valid although accounts aren't specifically listed.
Civil Procedure Aug. 3, 1998
Regency Health Services Inc. v. Superior Court (Settles)
Guardian ad litem has duty and authority to verify interrogatory responses on behalf of incompetent plaintiff.
Civil Procedure Jul. 29, 1998
Baumohl v. FHP Inc.
Absent stipulation, court may not delegate motions for summary adjudication to referee.
Civil Procedure Jul. 29, 1998
Smith v. Rogers Galvanizing Co.
No abuse of discretion where court reopened case on issue of damages and attorneys' fees.
Civil Procedure Jul. 23, 1998
Farmers Insurance Co. v. Tallsalt
Party that wins judgment on appeal from zero arbitration award avoids other party's costs and fees.
Civil Procedure Jul. 22, 1998
Sheppard v. Crow-Barker-Paul No.1 Limited Partnership
Proposed jury instruction involving building code is improper where standard is set by statute.
Civil Procedure Jul. 17, 1998
Murillo v. Fleetwood Enterprises Inc.
Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act does not expressly preclude award of costs to prevailing defendants.
Civil Procedure Jul. 13, 1998
Universal Resources Corporations v. Ledford
If a predecessor in interest was a nominal party in the prior litigation, then res judicata doesn't bar the claim.
Civil Procedure Jul. 8, 1998
Okland Oil Company v. Conoco Inc.
Civil Procedure Jul. 8, 1998