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Rosette Inc. v. United States
Statute of limitations bars action under Quiet Title Act.
Civil Procedure Apr. 9, 1998
Callicrate v. Farmland Industries Inc.
Defendant is allowed costs associated with litigation when reasonably necessary for preparation if case dismissed.
Civil Procedure Apr. 3, 1998
Ricks v. Mackey
Civil Procedure Mar. 26, 1998
Furlong v. Gardner
Trial courts must analyze both pleadings and evidence in considering claims of qualified immunity.
Civil Procedure Mar. 25, 1998
Graf v. Whitaker
Appeals from compulsory arbitration are limited to parties who have appeared and participated in arbitration.
Civil Procedure Mar. 24, 1998
M.M. v. Zavaras
Dismissing case is appropriate sanction when plaintiff refuses to proceed without using a pseudonym.
Civil Procedure Mar. 23, 1998
Martinez v. Heyer-Schulte, Inc.
Civil Procedure Mar. 20, 1998
State of Arizona v. Empire American Bail Bonds
State must give notice to surety of proposed form of judgment in bond forfeiture proceeding.
Civil Procedure Mar. 10, 1998
Schamp v. Schemm
Civil Procedure Mar. 6, 1998
Nelson v. Elway
Civil Procedure Mar. 6, 1998
Godwin v. Hill
Civil Procedure Mar. 3, 1998
Jenkins v. City of Topeka
Service of process is properly effected when counsel enters his appearance on defendant's behalf.
Civil Procedure Mar. 2, 1998
Pike v. Arizona Department of Transportation
Civil Procedure Feb. 24, 1998
Myles v. Sapta
Civil Procedure Feb. 11, 1998
Davis v. KGO-T.V. Inc.
Recovery of expert witness fees is not authorized as element of costs.
Civil Procedure Feb. 10, 1998
Dobrota v. Free Serbian Orthodox Church
Civil court can enforce judgment from diocese which doesn't entangle court in church doctrine.
Civil Procedure Feb. 9, 1998
Blazer Electric Supply Company v. Pacheco-Koveleski
Once federal court order of remand is mailed to state court, it may proceed with case.
Civil Procedure Jan. 29, 1998
Burden v. Greeven
Court lacks jurisdiction to rule on defendant's motion to dismiss.
Civil Procedure Jan. 26, 1998
Broker House International v. Bendelow
When complaint is accompanied by insufficient filing fees, case isn't filed for statute of limitations purposes.
Civil Procedure Jan. 26, 1998
Millet v. The District Court in and for the County of El Paso
Court lacks authority to retain jurisdiction over issue of damages after granting change of venue.
Civil Procedure Jan. 26, 1998
The Lauren Corporation v. Century Geophysical Corporation
Court doesn't abuse discretion by imposing attorney fees and costs as sanction for destruction of evidence.
Civil Procedure Jan. 23, 1998
Loving v. Boren
Plaintiff's failure to present any evidence he suffered injury warrants dismissal for lack of standing.
Civil Procedure Jan. 16, 1998
Murray v. Curt Archambo
Closing entire case goes beyond ruling on motions to dismiss and constitutes abuse of discretion.
Civil Procedure Jan. 16, 1998
Heimann v. Snead
Dismissal without prejudice of defendants' counterclaims doesn't render prior disposal of plaintiff's complaint appealable.
Civil Procedure Jan. 16, 1998
Boydston v. Strole Development Co.
Corporation's notice of appeal signed by non-attorney is insufficient to vest jurisdiction in appellate court.
Civil Procedure Jan. 7, 1997
City of Grand Junction v. City and County of Denver
Water court has jurisdiction to consider whether federal court's decree is violated by application for refill right.
Civil Procedure Jan. 7, 1997
Wildridge Venture v. Ranco Roofing Inc.
Issues of material fact bar summary judgment on statute of limitations grounds in construction defect case.
Civil Procedure Jan. 7, 1997
Bainbridge Inc. v. Douglas County School District RE-1
Refund of school impact fees is a money judgment triggering postjudgment interest requirement.
Civil Procedure Jan. 7, 1997