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U.S. v. Esparza
Admission of document-based hearsay evidence clear violation of Confrontation Clause, where documents prepared in anticipation of prosecution, and where witness in question was available.
Constitutional Law Jun. 29, 2015
Johnson v. United States
Imposing an increased sentence under the residual clause of the Armed Career Criminal Act violates the Constitution's guarantee of due process.
Constitutional Law Jun. 28, 2015
Carlson v. Atty Gen. of Cal.
Reasonable to invoke forfeiture-by-wrongdoing exception to Confrontation Clause where evidence suggests defendant father coerced wife and son (the purported abuse victim in the case) to not testify.
Constitutional Law Jun. 28, 2015
People v. Elizalde
Questioning unadmonished arrestee about gang membership exceeds 'booking exception.'
Constitutional Law Jun. 25, 2015
Horne v. Dept. of Agriculture
USDA regulation of California raisin producers, which required producers to place percentage of raisin crops in reserve, constitutes unconstitutional taking.
Constitutional Law Jun. 22, 2015
City of Los Angeles v. Patel
Facial challenges can be brought under the Fourth Amendment; city law requiring hotel operators make their registries available to police is facially unconstitutional.
Constitutional Law Jun. 22, 2015
Ohio v. Clark
Three-year-old's out-of-court statements to teachers were not testimonial under the Confrontation Clause.
Constitutional Law Jun. 18, 2015
Walker v. Texas Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans Inc.
Texas DMV's denial of confederate group's license plate design does not implicate free speech protections because the plates convey government speech.
Constitutional Law Jun. 18, 2015
Reed v. Town of Gilbert, Arizona
Town's comprehensive code governing manner in which people may display outdoor signs are content-based regulations and do not pass strict scrutiny.
Constitutional Law Jun. 18, 2015
U.S. v. Macias
Plain error to admit amended registration of birth in contravention of Confrontation Clause; however, error is harmless, as "overwhelming" other evidence demonstrated defendant's guilt.
Constitutional Law Jun. 15, 2015
Zivotofsky v. Kerry
President has exclusive, conclusive power to recognize nations and, as such, Americans born in Jerusalem may not list 'Israel' as birthplace in U.S. passport.
Constitutional Law Jun. 8, 2015
Wellness Int'l Network, Ltd. v. Sharif
Not unconstitutional for bankruptcy litigants to waive right to Article III adjudication of Stern claims, and have them heard by bankruptcy judge.
Constitutional Law May 26, 2015
A-1 A-Lectrician Inc. v. Snipes
Hawaii's campaign finance law requiring corporation to register as 'noncandidate committee' is not unconstitutionally vague in light of limiting construction.
Constitutional Law May 20, 2015
Comptroller of Treasury of MD v. Wynne
Maryland's personal income tax system that results in multiple taxation and discourages out-of-state economic enterprise violates dormant Commerce Clause.
Constitutional Law May 18, 2015
Gerawan Farming v. Agricultural Labor Rel. Bd.
Mandatory Mediation and Conciliation process, part of Cal. Labor Code, deemed an unconstitutional delegation of authority for its lack of guidance or standards.
Constitutional Law May 17, 2015
Sam Francis Foundation v. Christie's Inc.
Provision of California Resale Royalty Act regulating fine art sales where 'the seller resides in California' violates dormant Commerce Clause in sales that take place wholly outside California.
Constitutional Law May 5, 2015
Williams-Yulee v. Florida Bar
Florida law prohibiting judges and judicial candidates from personally soliciting funds for their judicial campaign does not violate First Amendment.
Constitutional Law Apr. 29, 2015
Arizona Libertarian Party v. Bennett
Arizona’s voter registration law imposes at most, a <EM>de minimus</EM> burden and is rationally related to the state’s legitimate interest.
Constitutional Law Apr. 26, 2015
U.S. v. Mazzarella
Employee assisting government by collective allegedly fraudulent employer’s documents may have violated employer’s Fourth Amendment rights, though her motive may have been simply to ‘do the right thing.’
Constitutional Law Apr. 20, 2015
Delano Farms Co. v. Cal. Table Grape Com.
California Table Grape Commission’s conduct is government speech and thus immune from challenge under the constitution.
Constitutional Law Apr. 6, 2015
Sedlock v. Baird
School yoga program did not constitute an establishment of religion in violation of the California Constitution.
Constitutional Law Apr. 5, 2015
Armstrong v. Exceptional Child Center, Inc.
Supremacy Clause does not confer private right of action; Medicaid providers cannot sue to enforce Section 30(A) of Medicaid Act.
Constitutional Law Mar. 31, 2015
Grady v. North Carolina
North Carolina’s satellite-based monitoring program of recidivist sex offender constitutes a Fourth Amendment search, and may be unreasonable.
Constitutional Law Mar. 30, 2015
Alabama Legislative Black Caucus v. Alabama
Incorrect legal standard applied to racial gerrymandering claim where court considered state ‘as a whole’ rather than on district-by-district basis.
Constitutional Law Mar. 25, 2015
Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign v. King County
King County’s decision to pull organization’s ad due to threats of violent disruption does not violate organization’s First Amendment rights.
Constitutional Law Mar. 18, 2015
CPR for Skid Row v. City of Los Angeles
Penal Code § 403 deemed unconstitutional as applied to Skid Row protestors who disturb meetings covered under Elections Code Section 18340.
Constitutional Law Mar. 10, 2015
Allen v. City of Sacramento
Homeless campers may pursue equal protection challenge concerning City of Sacramento’s camping ordinance.
Constitutional Law Mar. 8, 2015
People v. Rebulloza
Waiver of self-incrimination as part of probation condition deemed unconstitutional.
Constitutional Law Mar. 1, 2015
In re Art T.
Juvenile’s age part of objective standard used to determine whether right to attorney has been invoked.
Constitutional Law Feb. 12, 2015
Allen v. City of Sacramento
Homeless campers may pursue equal protection challenge concerning City of Sacramento’s camping ordinance.
Constitutional Law Feb. 9, 2015