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Paradis v. Montrose Memorial Hospital
Report of misconduct by hospital manager to his superiors involves matter of public concern.
Constitutional Law Oct. 15, 1998
19 Solid Waste Department Mechanics v. City of Albuquerque
Government's health and safety interests motivating mandatory drug testing don't constitute special need.
Constitutional Law Sep. 23, 1998
Osband v. United Airlines Inc.
Breach of contract claims against airline not preempted by federal law regulating economic activities of airlines.
Constitutional Law Sep. 17, 1998
U.S. v. Gonzales
Press has no right of access to defense counsels' payment vouchers and back-up documentation.
Constitutional Law Jul. 29, 1998
Ferini v. Denver Publishing Company
Constitutional Law Jul. 24, 1998
Frischenmeyer v. Gonzales
Constitutional Law Jul. 24, 1998
Myers v. Third Judicial District Court
Constitutional Law Jul. 22, 1998
Brady v. Ohman
Constitutional Law Jul. 22, 1998
ANR Pipeline Co. v. LaFaver
Federal action challenging aspects of state property tax system is barred by Eleventh Amendment.
Constitutional Law Jul. 22, 1998
Hammett v. Oklahoma Department of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services
Constitutional Law Jul. 22, 1998
Smith v. Eastern New Mexico Medical Center
Constitutional Law Jul. 21, 1998
Williams v. Correctional Medical Systems Inc.
Constitutional Law Jul. 17, 1998
Karlin v. Marten
Constitutional Law Jul. 17, 1998
Goetz v. Glickman
Law requiring producer funding of beef promotion and research is constitutional.
Constitutional Law Jul. 16, 1998
Trinidad School District No. 1 v. Lopez
School District's drug testing policy is unconstitutional as applied to students wishing to participate in marching band.
Constitutional Law Jul. 8, 1998
Hopkins v. Oklahoma Public Employees Retirement System
State can forfeit pension of public retiree convicted of bribery without violating double jeopardy.
Constitutional Law Jul. 1, 1998
Hallco Environmental Inc. v. Comanche County Board of County Commissioners
Constitutional Law Jun. 11, 1998
Lot Thirty-Four Venture LLC v. Town of Telluride
Home rule city's rent control ordinance violates statutory prohibition.
Constitutional Law Jun. 11, 1998
Cragg v. City of Osawatomie
City fails to establish that fired police chief's political speech was disruptive.
Constitutional Law May 12, 1998
Keirsey v. Diamond
Constitutional Law May 6, 1998
Ruiz v. Hull
'English only' provisions of Arizona Constitution violate First and Fourteenth Amendments to U.S. Constitution.
Constitutional Law May 6, 1998
Cosby v. Knowles
Constitutional Law Apr. 24, 1998
U.S. v. Gault
Use of voter registration lists as source of jury venires doesn't violate Fifth or Sixth Amendment.
Constitutional Law Apr. 23, 1998
Dobrota v. Free Serbian Orthodox Church
Constitutional Law Feb. 24, 1998
Morrissey v. State of Colorado
Use of initiative process to demand passage of constitutional amendment violates Article V of Colorado Constitution.
Constitutional Law Jan. 26, 1998