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Seabolt v. Housing Authority
Torts Feb. 13, 1998
Snyder v. Snyder
Torts Feb. 13, 1998
Azzun v. Wal-Mart Stores
Torts Feb. 13, 1998
Sanchez v. The City of Tucson
City may have assumed duty to construct traffic light because of agreement with state.
Torts Feb. 9, 1998
Gonzales v. United States
Torts Feb. 5, 1998
Emmons v. Superior Court of the State of Arizona
Party challenging settlement agreement must show by clear and convincing evidence it should be set aside.
Torts Feb. 2, 1998
Peitrowski v. Town of Dibble
Malicious prosecution action abates upon defendant's death.
Torts Jan. 26, 1998
Almegard v. San Juan Pilot Training, Inc.
Torts Jan. 16, 1998
Cheong v. Antablin
Skier cannot sue another skier for general negligence absent breach of duty of care.
Torts Jan. 2, 1998
Soto v. State of California
Government Immunity Bars Tort Action by county worker injured during state's emergency training exercises.
Torts Aug. 22, 1997
Keams v. Tempe Technical Institute Inc.
Under Arizona law, school accrediting agency owes no tort duty to students of accredited school.
Torts May 30, 1997
Allyson v. Dept. of Transportation
Public entity has no duty to remedy icy road conditions reasonably apparent to motorists.
Torts May 15, 1997
Hodges v. Yarian
Off-duty deputy sheriff injured after confronting suspected burglar cannot recover damages from building owners.
Torts May 2, 1997
Jacobs v. Universal Development Corp.
In pari delicto defense isn't applicable where discharged employee acquiesced in employer's illegal conduct
Torts Apr. 16, 1997
Hill v. Safford Unified School District
School District isn't liable after high school student shoots another student at off-campus location.
Torts Jan. 7, 1997
Gallegos v. City of Monte Vista
Plaintiff's action against city isn't barred by running of statute of limitations for actions against police officers.
Torts Jan. 7, 1997