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BioCorRx, Inc. v. VDM Biochemicals, Inc.
Because company's press releases met commercial speech exemption, trial court's ruling granting anti-SLAPP motion was improper.
Anti-SLAPP 4DCA/3 Feb. 13, 2024
California Privacy Protection Agency v. Superior Court (California Chamber of Commerce)
Trial court erroneously concluded that Proposition 24 implementing regulations were not enforceable on date specified by the Act.
Administrative Agencies 3DCA Feb. 13, 2024
Miyahara v. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
Plaintiff should have been allowed to amend complaint where she may have been able to allege facts to overcome judicial estoppel triggered by her prior bankruptcy filing.
Civil Procedure 2DCA/7 Feb. 13, 2024
Gardena Hospital, L.P. v. Baass
Hospital must include bed hold days in their total patient days when calculating Medi-Cal patients for state reimbursement because accounting manual directly addressing bed holds was dispositive.
Health Care 2DCA/8 Feb. 13, 2024
Johnson v. Lowe's Home Centers, LLC
Private Attorneys General Act plaintiffs can arbitrate individual PAGA while maintaining non-individual PAGA claims in court.
Arbitration 9th Feb. 13, 2024
Patrick v. Running Warehouse, LLC
Consumers were bound by arbitration provision in websites' terms of use because they had inquiry notice of the terms and, by completing their orders, agreed to be bound by them.
Arbitration 9th Feb. 13, 2024
Jackson v. Board of Civil Service Commissioners of the City of Los Angeles
When superior court's judgment involved further administrative agency reconsideration, its decision was not final and appealable.
Civil Procedure 2DCA/7 Feb. 12, 2024
In re Lilianna C.
Welfare and Institutions Code Section 213.5 allows the juvenile court to issue permanent restraining order in situations in which the petition was filed by someone other than a probation officer.
Dependency 2DCA/2 Feb. 12, 2024
Mojave Pistachios, LLC v. Superior Court (Indian Wells Valley Groundwater Authority
Since the pay-first rule applies to challenges to fees imposed by groundwater sustainability agency, demurrer was appropriate where pistachio grower failed to pay replenishment fee before filing suit.
Taxation 4DCA/3 Feb. 19, 2024
Sherman v. Gittere
Nevada Supreme Court's denial of defendant's right-to-present-a-complete-defense claim was not erroneous under AEDPA's deferential standard of review.
Prisoners Rights 9th Feb. 12, 2024
Symons Emergency Specialties v. City of Riverside
Appellant forfeited its claim on appeal when it failed to provide a fair summary of the record by not including the trial court's analysis of 30 documentary exhibits and three witnesses.
Administrative Agencies 4DCA/2 Feb. 9, 2024
Murray v. UBS Securities LLC
Sarbanes-Oxley Act Whistleblower was not required to provide evidence of his former securities employer's retaliatory intent.
Securities USSC Feb. 9, 2024
Department of Agriculture Rural Development Rural Housing Service v. Kirtz
The Fair Credit Reporting Act waives the United States government's sovereign immunity from lawsuit seeking damages for its failure to comply with the law's requirements.
Immunity USSC Feb. 9, 2024
Haggerty v. Thornton
A trust may be modified under Probate Code Section 15401 unless the instrument provides an explicitly exclusive method of modification, or otherwise expressly precludes the use of revocation procedures for modification.
Probate and Trusts CASC Feb. 9, 2024
Marriage of Lietz
Trial court properly sustained objection to questions seeking to elicit expert testimony on case-specific fact about which the expert lacked independent knowledge and had not been independently proven by evidence.
Evidence 4DCA/3 Feb. 9, 2024
Ehart, Jr. v. Lahaina Divers, Inc.
Statute restricting liability waivers for owners of vessels transporting passengers "between ports" did not apply to scuba tour vessel traveling away from and back to a single Maui port.
Maritime Law 9th Feb. 9, 2024
Modification: People v. Jimenez
Prosecutors could remove a prospective Latina juror via peremptory challenge because her repeated statements that she would have a difficult time being fair were unrelated to her race.
Criminal Law and Procedure 4DCA/1 Feb. 8, 2024
In re: Scott Warren Cohen
Relief from stay was warranted so creditor-former wife could liquidate her claims against her debtor-former husband even if the evidence needed to establish those claims related to other time-barred claims.
Bankruptcy BAP Feb. 8, 2024
M.A. v. B.F.
Plaintiff could not sue for domestic violence because the pair's "friends with benefits" sporadic sexual encounters did not qualify as a "dating relationship."
Criminal Law and Procedure 4DCA/3 Feb. 7, 2024
Neeble-Diamond v. Hotel California By the Sea, LLC
In Fair Employment and Housing Act case, trial court erred in awarding costs based solely on defendant's cost memorandum without a motion to award discretionary costs.
Employment Law 4DCA/3 Feb. 7, 2024
Amended Opinion: Figueroa Ochoa v. Garland
Ninth Circuit court lacked jurisdiction to hear petitioner's appeal from Board of Immigration's decision to denying his request to cancel removal or adjust his immigration status.
Immigration 9th Feb. 7, 2024
Devas Multimedia Private Ltd. v. Antrix Corp. Ltd.
9th Feb. 7, 2024
Daramola v. Oracle America, Inc.
Whistleblower anti-retaliation provisions in the Sarbanes-Oxley and Dodd-Frank Acts do not apply to employment relationships outside the U.S.
Employment Law 9th Feb. 7, 2024
People v. Jimenez
Prosecutors could remove a prospective Latina juror via peremptory challenge because her repeated statements that she would have a difficult time being fair were unrelated to her race.
Criminal Law and Procedure 4DCA/1 Feb. 6, 2024
Voltage Pictures, LLC v. Gussi, S.A. de C.V.
California company sufficiently served notice to confirm arbitral award by mailing motion papers to Mexican company's counsel.
Arbitration 9th Feb. 6, 2024
Long v. Sugai
Delivering evening meal four hours before prisoner could break religion-based fast was a substantial burden on the prisoner's free exercise that should have been analyzed for a legitimate penological interest.
Prisoners Rights 9th Feb. 6, 2024
In re Vaquera
Defendant's due process rights were violated by prosecution's failure to provide notice of its election to seek an increased sentence under One Strike Law.
Criminal Law and Procedure CASC Feb. 6, 2024
Riddick v City of Malibu
Trial court's order directing the City of Malibu to process proposed accessory dwelling unit as exempt from coastal development permit requirements was affirmed.
Real Property 2DCA/5 Feb. 5, 2024
Scanlon v. County of Los Angeles
Summary judgment on parents' judicial deception claim was inappropriate where they demonstrated social worker made material false statements to support warrant application.
Civil Rights 9th Feb. 5, 2024
Blumenkron v. Multnomah County
*Burford* abstention applied to Oregon land commission's designation of Multnomah County land as "rural" because exercising federal jurisdiction would interfere with commission's authority to regulate land.
Civil Procedure 9th Feb. 5, 2024