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Lawyers of the Decade

Submission dates: Nov. 6, 2020 — Nov. 30, 2020

In January, the Daily Journal will honor 10 California attorneys whose work defined the 2010s. These lawyers can work in private firms, corporations, public entities or academia. However, they must be based full time in California. To be considered, fill out the following form. In print Jan. 20

In 150 words, describe the lawyer's work and how it contributed to the events listed below.

Here are a few events that we believe defined the 2010s. However, we are not limited to these events. You can introduce your own and explain why you believe it was a defining moment.
-Gig worker
-Legalized cannabis
-Streaming services
-Lifestyle gurus and influencers
-Data privacy
-Edward Snowden's revelations
-SpaceX lands a rocket
-Artificial Intelligence
-The right turn of the U.S. Supreme Court
-Diversity (especially as it relates to the legal profession)
-#MeToo Movement and gender inequality
-Advances in LGBTQ Rights
-Occupy Wall Street
-Black Lives Matter
-Prison Reform
-2016 Presidential Election
-Climate Change/wildfires
-Ebola and Covid
-Gun violence and school shootings
-Rise of Xi Jinping and the increasing dominance of China
-Vaccine skeptics

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