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Weekly Quiz

Apr. 19, 2024

Test your knowledge of the Daily Journal's headlines.

A mentorship program run by California judges, which was initially for attorneys applying for a bench appointment, is being expanded to include those aspiring to become research attorneys for a court of appeal.
Justice Helen Zukin of the 2nd District Court of Appeal, Division 4, was the architect of the mentorship program.
At the Los Angeles County Bar Association's Barristers/Young Attorneys Section event, judges emphasized the importance of maintaining a professional demeanor and respectful advocacy in the courtroom.
In the case Marine Grigorian v. Citibank N.A., the federal judge ruled in favor of the plaintiff's argument that Citibank's arbitration clause violates public policy, thus rejecting Citibank's motion to compel arbitration.
In Hodges v. Comcast Cable Comms LLC, the 9th Circuit ruled that the plaintiff's putative class action did not seek public injunctive relief, thereby nullifying the McGill rule.
A change in the local rules of the Southern District of California effectively ended the practice of gun rights advocates specifically drawing Senior U.S. District Judge Roger T. Benitez for their cases.
The discipline trial of former State Bar Executive Director Joe Dunn includes charges related to his travel to Mongolia and subsequent misrepresentation to the bar’s Board of Trustees about the use of bar funds.
The $80 million in punitive damages were awarded to the former employees based on allegations of theft and dishonest behavior made by a vice president at Zurich American Insurance Company.