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Special Coverage

Special Coverage

This file shows which courts are closed and which ones have limited, but essential operations. Keeping checking for more on Ca...


Correctional health experts have made clear that flattening the curve also requires significantly depopulating prisons, jails,...

Law Practice

House arrest

Apr. 6, 2020
By Arthur Gilbert

Now I know what it’s like. I am under house arrest. Yes, I know I am not the only one. But I have a probation officer. Her nam...



153: Beware and aware: review of cannabis law

Mar. 20, 2020
By Howard B. Miller

State and federal regulation of cannabis, and critical difference in law and planning between THC and CBD.



Civil Litigation


Nov. 20, 2019
By Ben Armistead

Experts weigh in on significant class action developments

Featured Content


Despite a very challenging regulatory climate, a few battery manufacturers are still scattered throughout Southern California.

Community News

Community News

The firm’s earnings went to Public Counsel, a non-profit firm which works to provide legal services to people who live at or b...


The use of hearsay during restraining order hearings

Apr. 6, 2020

California has enacted a number of laws to curb violence ...

By Dean Hansell, Bryant Y. Yang

Liability for serving alcohol

Apr. 3, 2020

I recently encountered a case involving a liability claim...

By Lars Johnson

Can a commercial tenant terminate its lease because it cannot operate due to a stay-at-home order?

Apr. 2, 2020

Businesses will lose billions of dollars because they can...

By Joshua J. Borger

Discipline Report

Discipline Report

April 2020

Apr. 1, 2020

Recent attorney disbarments, suspensions, probations and public reprovals in California.

Discipline Report

March 2020

Mar. 1, 2020

Recent attorney disbarments, suspensions, probations, and public reprovals in California.

Discipline Report

February 2020

Feb. 4, 2020

Recent attorney disbarments, suspensions, probations, and public reprovals in California.