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Government, Civil Rights,

Expanding speech rights of government employees

Jun. 30, 2022
By Catherine L. Fisk, Erwin Chemerinsky

There will be litigation over when government employees’ speech can be prohibited because it is within the scope of their duti...

Legal Education,

John Fremont’s California crimes and misdemeanors

Jun. 30, 2022
By John S. Caragozian

It is a reflection of 19th century values that Fremont was tried and convicted of disobedience, but not of genocide.

California Courts of Appeal,

The Field case reminds both plaintiffs and defendants that crafting evasive discovery responses can hurt you in the long run –...

International Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution

The Supreme Court ends discovery for use in foreign arbitrations – or does it?

Jun. 27, 2022
By Jonathan Tompkins, Kennen D. Hagen

International arbitration has long been a favored form of dispute resolution because of its efficiency, finality, and other sa...


This webinar was a conversation among experts about some of the biggest changes to pre-trial services as a result of the pande...

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de-SPAC mergers facing increased scrutiny

Jun. 14, 2022

Over the last year and a half we have seen an increased v...

By Josh DuClos, James Heyworth, Charlotte K. Newell

The United States and California Supreme Courts are not on the same page

Jun. 10, 2022

Now, the California rule rests on a shaky frame: The lead...

By Marc D. Alexander

SEC suffers judicial setbacks for administrative hearings

Jun. 6, 2022

These decisions will likely bring most SEC administrative...

By Kenneth Herzinger, Nicolas Morgan, Thomas A. Zaccaro

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