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The Chamber's Scorecard

By Riley Guerin | Jul. 2, 2014

Law Office Management

Jul. 2, 2014

The Chamber's Scorecard

Northwest, Inc. v. Ginsberg
U.S. Chamber argues that the Court should reverse the Ninth Circuit's decision, which creates an end run around a well-established preemption scheme in the airline sector.

Walden v. Fiorebr
U.S. Chamber urges Supreme Court to reverse the Ninth Circuit's decision, which dramatically expands the jurisdiction of federal courts.

Carmax Auto Superstores
California, LLC, et al. v. Fowler
Chamber urges Supreme Court to review California class arbitration case.

DaimlerChrysler AG v. Bauman, et al.
U.S. Supreme Court rules in important jurisdiction case over whether federal courts have "general jurisdiction" over foreign companies with limited U.S. contracts.

Air Wisconsin Airlines Corp. v. Hoeper
U.S. Supreme hears oral argument in airline security case.

Atlantic Marine Construction Co. v. U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas, et al. (J-Crew Management, Inc.)
U.S. Supreme Court reinforces the enforceability of forum selection clauses.

Ford Motor Co. v. U.S.
U.S. Supreme Court vacates Sixth Circuit ruling that barred companies from suing the government to recover interest owed on the overpayment of taxes.

Heimeshoff v. Hartford Life & Accident Insurance Co. and Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
U.S. Chamber urges Court to uphold employer plan; argues ERISA does not block employers from including timely claim filing requirements in their benefits plans.

Sandifer v. United States Steel Corp.
U.S. Chamber argues Court should uphold Seventh Circuit decision; reject argument that "protective clothing" is not "clothes" under plain meaning of the FLSA.

Sprint Communications Company v. Jacobs
U.S. Chamber urges Supreme Court to reject sweeping view of Younger abstention.

Petrella v. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc.
U.S. Chamber of Commerce asks Supreme Court to review applicability of laches defense.

Environmental Protection Agency v. EME Homer City Generation; American Lung Association v. EME Homer City Generation
U.S. Supreme Court hears oral argument regarding D.C. Circuit ruling that invalidated EPA's sweeping and costly "Transport Rule."

Lawson v. FMR LLC
Chamber urges high court to reject expansion of Sarbanes-Oxley whistle-blower provisions.

Pom Wonderful LLC v. Coca Cola Co.
Supreme Court holds that competitors may bring Lanham Act claims on food and drug labels regulated by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act.

* As of June 16, several additional decisions were pending.


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