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Feb. 24, 2021

Hon. Linda L. Miller (Ret.)

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Hon. Linda L. Miller (Ret.) joined JAMS after more than 30 years as a judge in Orange County, Calif. Judge Miller spent 16 years handling a family law direct calendar and served for two years on a superior court appellate panel. In addition to family law, she has handled business and commercial, torts, collection and real property title and possession cases. She has also handled numerous unlawful detainer and landlord-tenant disputes. As an assigned judge in the civil departments of the Riverside County Superior Court, she conducted over 1,200 settlement conferences, with a very high rate of resolution.

Judge Miller has a wealth of experience with complex financial matters related to family law. Her family law experience, in both trials and alternative dispute resolution, includes business and real estate valuation, reimbursements, custody disputes, income findings for support, fees and domestic abuse. She established the first Children's Chambers in Orange County, which takes care of children while their parents handle court business. It subsequently became a model for courts all over the state. Most recently, she has conducted a number of voluntary family law settlement conferences during the COVID-19 health crisis.

Judge Miller has a well-earned reputation among colleagues and attorneys for her credibility, consistency, preparation and ability to quickly grasp complex issues and resolve even the most tumultuous disputes. As a mediator, she uses persistence and perseverance to creatively help the parties craft their own solutions. As an arbitrator, her strong analytical and case management skills allow the process to flow seamlessly.



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