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Mar. 23, 2022

Commissioner Jill S. Robbins (Ret.)

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Family Law: Mediation, Judge Pro Tem, PPC, Referee and Case Management

Commissioner Jill S. Robbins, Ret. is known by attorneys statewide for her ability to resolve their cases.

She has the unusual ability to be both empathetic and direct, with creativity and thinking "outside the box."

Her sense of humor and calm demeanor come through, which assist in developing rapport with clients and is a critical factor in building trust.

Trust is key in disputes involving the most mundane and the most highly emotional and complex matters. Her familiarity with real estate, tax, business and accounting, developed over 51 years are an intricate part of her success.

While involved in hundreds of family law matters for "celebrities," she is not swayed by their standing and is equally comfortable with clients whose estates or job opportunities fall within the "normal" category.

She has been a neutral for 27 years and proven her talent in finding creative solutions to resolve thousands of cases. Commissioner Robbins is the first woman and first commissioner to become a private judge. Two of many firsts in her career.

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