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Jeff Kichaven

| Mar. 23, 2022

Mar. 23, 2022

Jeff Kichaven

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Insurance Coverage and Bad Faith; Intellectual Property (Patent, Trademark, Copyright); Professional Liability (Legal and Accounting Malpractice)

The pandemic changed me.

Chances are it changed you too.

It changed the way we do everything, including mediation.

In 2020, the pandemic all but crushed my practice. I went weeks, and sometimes months, between cases. I wondered whether it would ever bounce back.

So I rebuilt.

I committed to a new education in Zoom and other technologies. I embraced a new commitment to learning, to increase my skills. I developed a new, robust social media strategy.

Most importantly, I found a new appreciation of every single person who hires me to mediate. A new willingness to relate on a deeper, more personal level, even as the online platforms seem to keep us further apart. A new desire to do more than just squeeze out settlements - a desire to ensure everyone is happy with the decisions each makes.

Thankfully, it seems to be working. Business is strong again. Cases are settling. People do seem to be happier. I'm happier, too. Doing the right thing works.

While most of my work continues to focus on Insurance Coverage, Intellectual Property, and Professional Liability, one of the beauties of having a different case every day is that I get to work in a wide variety of subject matters. Though every case is different, the goal is always to enable clear, strong decisions in a calm, informed environment. Settlements naturally follow.

Now we are in a post-pandemic era. Mediation will continue to evolve. Online? In-person? Hybrid? Different cases will call for different choices. Together, inventing the future.

One thing, though, has not changed. I continue to pledge to work my hardest, at the highest levels of skill and ethics I can muster, to help you serve your clients better and settle tough cases. That's my commitment to myself, to your clients, and to you.



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