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Mar. 23, 2022

Michael R. Diliberto, Esq.

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Business/Commercial, Employment, Entertainment, Intellectual Property, Real Estate

Michael R. Diliberto has earned a reputation as an accomplished mediator who can resolve even the most difficult cases (thousands since 2003). He skillfully helps the parties engage in respectful and tactful conversations, and works hard to keep that dialogue moving forward in a constructive manner along the bumpy road to a settlement agreement.

He has the skills of a diplomat who can reframe issues to avoid impasse, the experience of a trial lawyer who has walked the same path with similar clients, and the evaluation skills of a trial judge who has seen it all. His professional and life experience (including work that enabled him to travel around the world and interact with various cultures), allows him to serve as a trusted neutral who can connect with the parties in a meaningful manner and find creative ways to settle disputes.

Diliberto recognizes that mediation presents the unique opportunity to solidify relationships between attorneys and their clients, repair and restore relationships between the parties when applicable, and help parties make wise choices to untangle themselves from conflict and move on with their lives. He is adept at gracefully guiding the parties towards an agreement, instead of strong-arming a settlement at all costs.

As a mediator and arbitrator, Diliberto resolves cutting edge issues for which there is often no precedent, including: (1) Gender discrimination claim by an electrical worker who was allegedly harassed and fired after transitioning sex to female; (2) Whether a motion picture distributor used "good faith efforts" to obtain approval from Chinese government censorship authorities who blocked distribution of a major U.S. film in China; (3) Whether the worldwide Covid- 19 pandemic shutdown provided grounds to rescind or excuse performance of an international distribution license agreement; and (4) Partner buyout action by an investor in a marijuana cultivation business.

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