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Mar. 23, 2022

Hon. Timothy M. Casserly, (Ret.)

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All types of Personal Injury, Business/ Contractual, Employment, Insurance Coverage/ Bad Faith, Medical Negligence, Real Property

With a combined 25 years of experience on the bench, retired San Diego County Superior Court Judge Casserly has presided over hundreds of trials and managed more than 1,000 civil cases.

Before joining Judicate West's exclusive roster of neutrals in 2021, he served on the Civil Independent Calendar Department, managing a high caseload and regularly conducting judicial settlement conferences statewide for 11 years.

He was also involved in the Center for Judicial Education and Research's New Judge Orientation Faculty, helping new judges adjust to their roles and responsibilities.

Judge Casserly garnered a strong reputation in the industry during his judicial career and continues to awe the legal community with his temperament and ability as a thoughtful, hardworking, kind, and results-driven neutral.

An attorney commented, "In our recent mediation with Judge Casserly, he impressed me by being exceptionally well prepared and fully understanding of the complex issues from the perspectives of both sides. He was able to use his extensive experience, both as a trial judge and an effective settlement judge, to keep the mediation moving in a positive direction. He conducted the entire mediation in a professional and congenial manner that made the attorneys and their clients feel comfortable with the process."



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