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Mar. 8, 2024

Judge sworn in by father, brother, both LA judges

Los Angeles County Superior Court has a family of judges. Judge Maria Hernandez-Stern was sworn in by her father and brother, both judges of the court.

Scores of friends, family and colleagues turned out to the swearing-in of Judge Marisa Hernandez-Stern by her father, Judge Michael L. Stern, and her brother, Judge Benjamin P. Hernandez-Stern, at Stanley Mosk Courthouse on Monday.

“Becoming a judge is the culmination of a multitude and a lifetime of large and small gestures of support, encouragement, and love,” the newly confirmed judge told the crowd. “This milestone has not been reached alone and I thank you all for accompanying me on this journey.”

In her remarks following the confirmation, Judge Maria Herandez-Stern addressed her parents, and mentioned the influence they had on her journey to the bench.

“You’ve always let me find and make my own way, and when it came to practicing law, neither of you ever pressured me to choose a particular career path or job, including this one,” she said.

“I have had the privilege of serving 22 years as a judge of the Los Angeles Superior Court,” Judge Michael Stern said following the ceremony, “and now have the great pride and continuing legacy of our son, Judge Benjamin Hernandez-Stern, and our daughter, Marisa Hernandez-Stern, serving the public and the court.”

“I’m extremely proud of my sister,” Judge Benjamin Hernandez-Stern said after the confirmation. “She’s better qualified and hardworking than just about anybody else.

“It’s a privilege to be here, and I actually think she appreciates that privilege,” he added.


Skyler Romero

Daily Journal Staff Writer

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