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Leading Role

Aug. 14, 2018
By Justin Kloczko

Los Angeles Judge Jared Moses, once an actor, expects lawyers to be prepared in his court.

All things 100

Aug. 14, 2018

On the continuum of life, 100 years is not a terribly large amount of time.

The song “Joyful Noise” has millions of views on YouTube, and it’s not wholly unreasonable to question whether pop star Katy P...

We will never win the war on poverty in America unless we solve the problem of legal aid first.

Plaintiffs allege they were abused by USC’s long-time gynecologist.

Starbucks attorneys asked the court to look at minimum paid off-clock minutes where the work is rare or irregular.

School boards sue state over budgetary changes

Aug. 14, 2018
By Malcolm Maclachlan

The California School Boards Association has sued the state for allegedly making illegal changes to Proposition 98 in this yea...

The state Supreme Court has declined to hear a complaint challenging Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s eligibility to hold the...

A recent dismissal in federal court may make it more difficult for plaintiffs to bring claims against food and beverage manufa...

Moshe J. Kupietzky has more than 40 years of experience representing clients in the music and film industries.

Squire Patton Boggs announced the acquisition of intellectual property firm Singularity LLP.

Adtech software company appoints new general counsel

Aug. 14, 2018
By Matthew Sanderson

Prior to joining Redwood City-based PubMatic, Thomas Chow led the adtech and measurement legal group at Snap Inc. and was the ...

The nonprofit group’s inaugural gathering will be in San Diego next month.

Staying Current

Aug. 14, 2018

Laserfiche GC Wylie Strout keeps contracts and policies up to date in a changing landscape.

Attorneys expected it to drive an increase in Private Attorneys General Act lawsuits, which circumvent arbitration clauses. No...

Chief U.S. District Judge Virgina Phillips dealt with the plaintiff’s consistent breaking of protocol on presentation of evide...

The judge asked if the there was a plan to prosecute the witness, a former California employee now working for the defendant.

A superior court jury on Friday awarded nearly $300 million to a dying man in the first, precedent-setting trial to allege tha...

Attorney arrested on arson charges

Aug. 13, 2018
By Malcolm Maclachlan

A Sacramento attorney is facing felony arson charges after allegedly starting an early-morning fire alongside Interstate 80 in...

Attorneys for actress Ashley Judd filed a scathing response to Harvey Weinstein’s motion to dismiss her retaliation claims Fri...

Three fire districts sue PG&E over damage in 2015 fire

Aug. 13, 2018
By Malcolm Maclachlan

Pacific Gas & Electric Co. has been hit with three new lawsuits stemming from the 2015 Butte Fire.

Judicial Flipper

Aug. 13, 2018
By Arin Mikailian

Orange County’s Craig Griffin turns around damaged homes and contentious cases.

Building spaceships isn't the only thing Mr. Musk has a knack for.

Woeful observers will pine for the good old days, lamenting the death of civility, and declaring that the era of judicial conf...

Legislation is working its way through the California Legislature to change that by holding individuals personally accountable...

The tumultuous five months during which Judges Harry Pregerson and Stephen Reinhardt died and Alex Kozinski resigned were diff...

Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposal to change the laws around wildfire liability got a chilly reception in a special committee hearing...

A recent case again returned to the complications that arise when a trusteeship changes hands, taking the important attorney-c...

Deputy District Attorney Craig Kleffman, who is accused of conducting potentially illegal recordings of attorney-client conver...

If withdrawal is not done properly, it can make a bad situation even worse and result in a legal malpractice claim or a bar co...