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participatory / Education Law

Title IX and sexual harassment: What process is due?

Howard B. Miller

Howard is a contributing editor and podcast host at the Daily Journal. He is a JAMS mediator and arbitrator, a past president of the State Bar of California, and a former professor of law at the USC Gould School of Law.

Mark M. Hathaway

Hathaway Parker


Mark is certified as a specialist in taxation law by the California State Bar. Mark's experience representing individuals and companies accused of complex financial crimes, government fraud, tax crimes, and related administrative, civil, and regulatory matters, has helped him to navigate complex Title IX sexual misconduct investigations, adjudication proceedings, and court litigation. Since stepping in to help a family friend at Occidental College in 2013 (See "Occidental Justice"), Mark has assisted more than one hundred students and faculty in Title IX misconduct cases, both complainants and accused, with many cases resolved at the campus level.

Jenna Parker

Hathaway Parker


Jenna has a background in trial and jury consulting. Since 2015, Jenna has assisted more than one hundred students and professors through intricate administrative disciplinary proceedings and subsequent litigation. Understanding that sexual misconduct allegations can have a devastating impact on those accused and their families, Jenna closely observes developments in state and federal Title IX and administrative law to ensure that her clients receive due process and fundamental fairness in university Title IX proceedings.


The first of two podcasts with contrasting views. Podcast host Howard Miller interviews Mark Hathaway and Jenna Parker on their representation of students accused of sexual harassment.


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