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Alternative Dispute Resolution

A Few Good Mediators

Mar. 30, 2023
By Robert P. Hamilton, Farley J. Neuman

While the mediator’s job is not to evaluate the case, the best mediators help the parties adjust their altitudes, bringing the...

Year in Review Column, Administrative/Regulatory, 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals

In 2022, the Ninth Circuit’s notable FCA rulings included one interpretation and application of the FCA’s scienter requirement...


Steering a WKSI through volatile markets

Mar. 29, 2023
By Sara L. Terheggen

Taking the time to make the eligibility determination and prepare the necessary filings will provide a company with the advant...

The Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability Act has gathered sufficient signatures to be placed on the California st...

Ediscovery, Criminal,

The crime-fraud exception stems from a letter Trump’s legal team sent to the Department of Justice that was arguably used in f...


WATCH NOW: Gain insight into the current dramatic expansion of international arbitration in California. This knowledge is ess...

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Community News

Community News

Rocking for a Cause: Law Rocks Los Angeles sets the Bar High

Mar. 16, 2023
By Douglas Saunders Sr.

This event marked the beginning of the 12th Annual Law Rocks World Tour, with its next California battle scheduled for April 2...


Term sheets and mediator proposals: not always enforceable, but valuable

Mar. 30, 2023

A term sheet or mediator’s proposal can be a valuable too...

By Mark Loeterman, Suzanne H. Segal

Criminal defense attorneys need to know crimmigration law

Mar. 24, 2023

The Bar doesn’t recognize crimmigration as a specialist a...

By Georgina Gannon

When is a partial appeal bond sufficient?

Mar. 20, 2023

What happens if an insurance carrier is required to post...

By David M. Axelrad

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