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Family, Contracts

Even with planning, the estates of artists and other creators can present complex valuation problems because of the unique nat...

Civil Litigation, Administrative/Regulatory

Although it may take some time to fully implement and require adjustment by the various stakeholders, this system is sure to b...

Civil Litigation, Administrative/Regulatory

Lawyers may be concerned about the impact this change will have on already heavily congested judicial calendars. The court, ho...

Civil Litigation, Administrative/Regulatory

The plan will allow for a return of Civil courtrooms to our different local communities around our vast county – as was the sy...

Alternative Dispute Resolution

The importance of trust building in mediation

Sep. 21, 2022
By Robert M. Cohen

Though the concept of trust is amorphous, successful mediators recognize that trust is vital to the process.

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ADR and this years’ most impactful decisions

Sep. 16, 2022

Had the Court adopted Orrick’s position, international ar...

By Paul Dubow

English common law still reigns supreme

Sep. 14, 2022

With any case of first impression, where California statu...

By Alexander G. Rufus-Isaacs

Gender dysphoria could be an ADA-protected disability

Sep. 12, 2022

Employers, having knowledge of an employee’s diagnosed co...

By Kamran Shahabi

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