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Davida Brook

Jun. 19, 2024

Susman Godfrey L.L.P.

Lisa Bugni

Jun. 19, 2024

King & Spalding LLP

ArentFox Schiff LLP

Mary A. Alexander

Jun. 19, 2024

Mary Alexander & Associates, P.C.

Peters et al v. Pribuss Engineering, Inc.

Jun. 18, 2024
By Wisdom Howell

The appointments fill vacancies created by retirements and elevations to higher courts.

Deal reached on PAGA reform

Jun. 18, 2024
By Malcolm Maclachlan

The agreement between Gov. Gavin Newsom and business and labor groups must still be approved by the Legislature.

The defendants had sought to have the case stayed until the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on a bid to have similar lawsuits filed i...

City of Hope faces lawsuit over data breach

Jun. 18, 2024
By Skyler Romero

The complaint alleges that the breach, which affected more than 800,000 patients, was the result of inadequate security measur...

It follows a March motion from plaintiff ReactX accusing the tech giant's conduct during previous depositions.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, brought by the defense, gave testimony on day eight of the NFL's antitrust trial.

Court Executive Officer Brandon E. Riley said other courts throughout the state that are also experiencing chronic shortages o...

The companies' failure to force plaintiff's nonindividual claims under PAGA into arbitration will reinforce the pressure on ne...

The budget adjustment also includes a $100 million transfer from the Trial Court Trust Fund and another $5 million from the Tr...

Matthews International denied the allegations and said Tesla was trying to restrict the company from offering its "innovative ...

The legal battle against Kroger serves as a reminder of the critical role played by regulators and consumers in holding corpor...

Thinking out loud about revised Civil Code 2924m, which allows more time for bidding and may permit a bankruptcy filing after ...

The Supreme Court did not address the merits of the plaintiffs’ claims, left open the possibility of future lawsuits or policy...

Tesla battery

Jun. 17, 2024
By Sunidhi Sridhar

The down-to-the-wire negotiations to avoid an expensive ballot measure fight follow years of failed legal and legislative effo...

The ruling reverses two 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decisions and affirms a 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decision.

Litigation firm Frost LLP co-sponsored, along with their client WasteXperts, a sanitation and conservation company that handle...

Movie ticket seller accused of tacking on junk fees

Jun. 17, 2024
By Antoine Abou-Diwan

The putative class action was filed weeks before a new law prohibiting the imposition of junk fees is set to take effect.

Uncommon Advocate

Jun. 17, 2024

Civil rights attorney Christian M. Contreras overcame homelessness to become an advocate for others.

They claim it should not have been left up to a jury to decide patent claims relating to a penile implant. Opposing counsel sa...

U.S. District Judge Maxine M. Chesney said she wanted to wait until she decides on Musk's bid to toss the plaintiffs' equitabl...


Jun. 17, 2024
By Sunidhi Sridhar

Musk backpay

Jun. 17, 2024
By Sunidhi Sridhar