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Available tests for Civil Practice — $36/each

general/Civil Practice

Private attorney general attorney fees

Apr. 30, 2018
By Matthew Ross

Learn about the standards for recovery of fees as well as standards for appellate review of fees.

general/Civil Practice

Overview of California depositions

Jan. 29, 2018
By Patricia M. Lucas, Gary Nadler

The objective of this article and accompanying self-assessment test is to provide bench officers and lawyers with an overview of depositions by oral examination in California.

general/Civil Practice

Anti-SLAPP motions and attorney fees

Sep. 25, 2017
By Matthew Ross

The objective of this article and self-study test is to familiarize bench officers and attorneys with awards of attorney fees in anti-SLAPP motions Code of Civ. Proc. Section 425.16(c)(1).

general/Civil Practice

Character evidence in civil cases

May 22, 2017
By Elia V. Pirozzi

The objective of this article and self-study test is to review basic legal principles affecting the admissibility of character evidence in civil litigation.

general/Civil Practice

Limits on garnishment of low income debtors

Feb. 3, 2017
By Thomas D. Long

It is important for attorneys and unrepresented litigants in judgment enforcement proceedings to know the facts and their rights and to provide the court hearing a claim of exemption with complete information.

general/Civil Practice

Is your deposition subpoena enforceable under California law?

Sep. 16, 2016
By Bentley P. Stansbury III

Upon receipt of a deposition subpoena or a subpoena duces tecum issued by an arbitrator, careful practitioners should ask two questions: What is the nature of the underlying action, and what are the terms of the arbitration contract between the parties in litigation?

general/Civil Practice

SEC ALJs continue to draw scrutiny

Jul. 22, 2016
By Peter Brejcha, Nicolas Morgan, Thomas A. Zaccaro

While early constitutional challenges to the SEC's use of in-house judges appeared promising for respondents, more recent decisions have handed a string of victories to the SEC.

general/Civil Practice

Litigating with service members

Nov. 23, 2015
By Mark E. Sullivan

Courts from time to time encounter parties to a lawsuit who are on active duty in the armed forces.

general/Civil Practice

Basic issues in business litigation

Jul. 27, 2015
By Curtis E.A. Karnow

Earn credit learning about common issues in business litigation, such as piercing the veil, sealing records and respondeat superior liability.

general/Civil Practice

Distinguishing judgments and orders

Feb. 23, 2015
By Luis A. Lavin

The objective of this article and accompanying self-study test is to educate the bench and bar about judgments and orders in civil cases.